Who are we?

After having created and managed the Affine group, we wanted to embark on a new business by launching a new property company called Finestate, which is dedicated to an innovative property asset class that responds to a strong social need: to help meet the demand for environmentally-friendly and quality housing in larger urban areas.

The team


Graduate of ENA, Sc Po Paris, DESS in economics

  • 1975 Auditor, then Maître des requêtes of the Conseil d’Etat
  • 1979 Financial Attaché at the French Embassy in Washington
  • 1982 Technical Adviser to the Minister of Budget and subsequently the Industry Minister
  • 1984 Director of International Affairs, CGE
  • 1988 CEO, Euris
  • 1990 Chair and Founder of the Affine group
  • 2019 Chair of the French federation of real estate and property companies (FSIF)


Graduate of Centrale Paris, Sc Po Paris, ENSAE

  • Banking career with Crédit Lyonnais and Crédit Chimique
  • 1989 Deputy Managing Director of Banque Stern.
  • 1992 Crédit Lyonnais : director in charge of specialised financing and then the Group’s special business.
  • 1992 Chairman of Omnium immobilier de gestion.
  • 1996 Deputy CEO of Euris
  • 1998 Co-CEO of Affine
  • 2018 Senior Advisor at Affine then at Société de la Tour Eiffel

Junior Manager

Junior Analyst


Bernard ANACHE: Technical Expert

Justine CUGLIOLI (Ma): Project Management Assistance

Sidonie FRAICHE (LPA): Lawyer for urban planning and tenancy agreements 

Frank LLINAS (Arsene Taxand): Tax lawyer

Olivier TRICHET (Haussmann notaires): Notary 

Brice PIECHACZYK (ENIA): Architecte 

Business model

An efficient business model in terms of fixed costs and legal constraints

Finestate provides operational management, directly or through the use of external service providers, for whose quality it is responsible. This includes the reservation of appartments and collection of rents via a digital platform, the Intranet community, the concierge, local services, etc.

Finestate’s B to B approach also results in cost savings: the target market is primarily companies seeking quality accommodation for their travelling executives or those on assignment.

• The legal relationship between Finestate and the residents is formulated by a service contract.