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Where are the residences located?2022-07-18T13:25:25+02:00

Our residences are always located in Paris or a neighbouring commune, near a metro station connecting with Paris intra-muros. We favour lively neighbourhoods close to shops, cultural and sports facilities which will be presented to you in the digital portal.

What is included in the rent?2022-07-18T13:32:05+02:00

Our rent is an all-inclusive package that includes rental charges, taxes and insurance, use of common areas, services. In traditional renting, the rent does not reflect the extra expenses and time invested by the tenant to ensure an equivalent comfort (cleaning/maintenance, insurance or internet contract, furniture, maintenance…). At Finestate you pay a fixed price with no hidden expenses, and you save a lot of time and energy! Find out more about our offer here.

How the common areas work ?2022-07-18T13:07:46+02:00

At least 20% of the building’s surface area is dedicated to common areas : terrace/garden, rooftop, coworking, large living room with open kitchen, gym… These spaces are only accessible to residents (and their guests).

Are all your flats the same?2022-07-18T13:08:53+02:00

As each building has its own specificities, our flat offer varies according to the residence: 1 or 2 rooms, with or without balcony, garden side or roof view. Whatever your preference, you will have the choice!

What kind of facilities are provided in the flats?2022-07-18T13:09:58+02:00

Each flat is equipped and air-conditioned, with a kitchenette and private bathroom. In collaboration with our architects and developers, we take particular care over the quality of the furniture and decoration. Discover our residences and the complete equipment of each accommodation here

What is the minimum stay period?2023-11-28T13:31:19+01:00

The Contract is concluded on a per-night basis, for a maximum duration of thirty nights, renewable; the Customer also has the option of booking for a longer period with the possibility of giving Finestate advance notice of departure.

Do I have to pay a deposit for my reservation?2022-07-18T13:19:39+02:00

We will take a one month security deposit which will be returned to you at the end of your rental period after the inventory of fixtures. In the event of loss, damage or breakage, we will charge you the corresponding replacement cost.

Quels documents sont nécessaires pour constituer mon dossier ?2022-07-18T13:22:57+02:00

The documents to be sent to us vary according to your status (employee, self-employed, company…). We will ask you at least those documents :
– proof of identity
– proof of income
– bank details.

How do I move in ?2022-07-18T13:35:51+02:00

It’s very simple, you can move in with a few clicks! Contact us via our form, we will call you back to discuss your needs. The whole process can be done in a few days. 

Can I visit a residence before I move in?2022-07-18T13:37:01+02:00

After discussing your needs, we can arrange a visit to the residence. Do not hesitate to contact us via our form

What is the procedure for reserving a flat?2022-07-18T13:15:45+02:00

It’s very simple, you can move in with a few clicks! Contact us via our form, we will call you back to discuss your needs.

Can I park my car in my residence?2022-07-18T12:57:10+02:00

Some residences have parking facilities with electric charging points. If you need a parking space, please mention it during the booking process.

What is the purpose of your digital portal?2022-07-18T12:58:51+02:00

Signature of your contract, exchange with Finestate the residents, access to services and useful information, discovery of the area… Your entire stay can be managed from this space.

How does your offer fit in with my company’s CSR approach?2022-07-18T12:55:40+02:00

Our offer has been specially designed for companies. Find out more about how we can meet their needs here 

How can I offer your solution to my company?2022-07-18T12:46:55+02:00

We adapt to your way of working. The company can engage with Finestate to provide accommodation for its employees or refer them directly to us.

Are pets allowed?2022-07-18T13:00:19+02:00

Apart from exceptional cases, animals are not accepted in the house, despite the affection we may have for them.

How is life in the residence organized?2022-07-18T13:02:21+02:00

Before moving in, we will ask you to sign a document which will present the functioning of the residence and will set some necessary rules so that everyone can enjoy their stay in the best conditions.

Can a relative stay with me?2022-07-18T13:03:05+02:00

It is possible to temporarily accommodate a relative in the flat. The resident will simply have to inform the manager of the identity of the person and the duration of his stay.

Can more than one person live in a flat?2022-07-18T13:04:01+02:00

Our flats are designed for 1 or 2 people.

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