Our coliving philosophy

An SROI approach (Social return on investment) to align the business model of our apartment buildings with their ESG impact (environmental, social, governance):

  • Providing the opportunity to live in larger urban zones
  • Fighting social isolation

  • Making areas for interactivity available (e.g. co-working space, multi-purpose room for entertainment and cultural events, fitness centre, bistro, etc.)
  • Working with local providers of services to residents, as well as entertainment and cultural events (e.g. shopping delivery, laundry services, French classes, discounts on nearby businesses, book clubs, cooking classes, art workshops, city tours, artist’s exhibitions, etc.)
  • Improving the standard of the property through quality constructions or renovations
  • Controlling energy consumption through the installation of smart equipment

Our commitments

Examples of the indicators that we measure:

  • Amounts invested in structural and energy-based renovations
  • Number of partnerships created with traders, self-employed workers, craftsmen, cultural institutions, local associations
  • Number of events and cultural activities organised per year
  • Number of dwellings created
  • Percentage of internal or external common spaces in relation to the total area

In addition:

  • Finestate has signed the charter enabling new building experiments to be monitored with the French Minister for Housing and Town Planning in March 2019.
  • Finestate signed the “un immeuble une œuvre d’art (a building a work of art)” charter with the French Ministry of Culture in February 2020.
  • Finestate is sponsoring the Fondation Palladio