6 good reasons to book corporate housing for your employees in Paris

Are you looking for the perfect accommodation for your employees during business trips? Look no further than corporate housing. With its numerous benefits and amenities, corporate housing offers a convenient and comfortable alternative to hotels. In this article, we will explore the top 10 reasons why booking corporate housing for your employees is a smart choice.

Benefits of booking corporate housing for employees in Paris

1. Cost savings compared to traditional hotel stays

One of the main advantages of corporate housing is the cost savings it offers compared to traditional hotel stays. When booking hotel rooms for an extended period, the expenses can quickly add up, especially when you factor in dining out for every meal. In contrast, corporate housing provides fully equipped kitchens, allowing your employees to cook their own meals and save on dining expenses. This can significantly reduce the overall costs, particularly for longer stays.

In addition to the savings on dining, corporate housing is often more cost-effective than hotels due to the flexible pricing options available. Many corporate housing providers offer discounted rates for extended stays, making it an affordable choice for businesses with frequent travel requirements. By opting for corporate housing, you can allocate your budget more efficiently, ensuring that your employees have comfortable and convenient accommodations without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, corporate housing options often come fully furnished with all utilities and bills included, eliminating the need to purchase any furniture or subscribe any contracts (insurance, utilities, internet and TV, reparation or maintenance). This not only saves you money but also saves your employees the hassle of setting up their temporary living space. With ready-to-use furnishings, your employees can settle in quickly and focus on their work, increasing productivity during their business trips.

2. Increased comfort and amenities for employees

Another compelling reason to book corporate housing for your employees is the increased comfort and amenities it provides compared to traditional hotel rooms. Corporate housing offers more space, with separate living areas, giving your employees the freedom to relax and unwind after a day of work. This additional space promotes a more comfortable and homely environment, allowing your employees to feel at home.

Moreover, corporate housing often includes additional amenities that enhance the overall comfort and convenience. These amenities may include laundry facilities, allowing your employees to take care of their clothing without the need for expensive hotel laundry services. Having access to a washer and dryer in their accommodation can save time and money, ensuring that your employees are always dressed professionally for their business engagements.

Additionally, housekeeping services are often available, ensuring that the accommodations remain clean and well-maintained throughout the stay.

Furthermore, corporate housing may provide other amenities like common living room with additional kitchen, coworking space,  fitness centers, swimming pools, rooftop, cinema room and other communal spaces. These features contribute to a more enjoyable and well-rounded experience for your employees, allowing them to maintain their fitness routine or socialize with other persons in the same situation in a relaxed setting. By providing these amenities, you can create a positive and engaging environment for your employees, fostering a sense of well-being and job satisfaction.

3. Flexibility and customization options

When it comes to accommodating your employees, flexibility is key. Corporate housing offers the flexibility and customization options that may not be available in traditional hotel rooms. Whether your employees are traveling alone or in a group, corporate housing providers can offer a range of options to suit their specific needs.

For individual travelers, corporate housing typically offers studios, one or two-bedroom apartments, providing ample space and privacy. On the other hand, for teams or groups of employees traveling together, corporate housing providers can offer larger units or adjacent apartments, ensuring that everyone stays together while still enjoying personal space.

In addition to the flexibility in terms of space, corporate housing can also be flexible regarding any unpredicted events such as working visa obtention getting delayed or lease extension during the stay.

4. Enhanced productivity

When your employees are on business trips, it’s crucial to provide an environment that promotes productivity. Corporate housing offers a conducive setting for work, allowing your employees to focus on their tasks.

Furthermore, corporate housing often includes high-speed internet access, ensuring that your employees can stay connected and work efficiently. Whether they need to attend virtual meetings, access company resources, or communicate with clients, a reliable internet connection is essential.

5. Improved work-life balance

In addition to promoting productivity, booking corporate housing for your employees also contributes to a better work-life balance. Traditional hotel rooms can feel impersonal and isolating, making it difficult for your employees to unwind and disconnect from work. Corporate housing, on the other hand, offers a home-away-from-home experience, providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where your employees can decompress after work.

Having a separate living area in corporate housing allows your employees to create a clear distinction between their work and personal life. They can step away from their workstations and enjoy some leisure time. This separation between work and personal life is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, preventing burnout, and ensuring the well-being of your employees.

Moreover, corporate housing often provides access to recreational amenities, such as fitness centers or outdoor spaces. These facilities allow your employees to engage in physical activities and unwind, further contributing to their overall well-being. By prioritizing work-life balance through the choice of corporate housing, you demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ happiness and satisfaction, which can boost morale and loyalty.

6. Enhanced safety and security measures

In today’s world, safety and security are paramount. Corporate housing options often come with enhanced safety and security measures, providing peace of mind for both you and your employees. These accommodations are located in secure buildings or gated communities, with controlled access and 24/7 security personnel. Some corporate housing providers also offer additional features such as security systems, surveillance cameras, and secure parking facilities. By choosing corporate housing, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your employees, which is essential for their productivity and overall satisfaction during business trips.

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