Monthly appartment hotel rentals in Paris: a solution too often rejected by mobile workers in ?

In today’s professional world, characterized by increased mobility and the widespread adoption of flex-office policies, the challenge of finding suitable temporary accommodation in Paris has become a strategic issue for companies and their employees. The need to find a modern, fully-equipped, all-inclusive living space, while respecting corporate budget constraints, is more pressing than ever for employees on assignment or in transition.

More suitable than a hotel for a rental of several weeks, apartment hotels offer both the conveniences of an apartment (particularly a kitchenette) and the services of a hotel, and seem to offer an ideal response to these needs. However, the current Parisian apartment hotel market is sorely lacking in diversity and customizable formulas that can be adapted to a variety of business and personal requirements, particularly in terms of length of stay.

Monthly apartment hotel rentals in Paris: several major challenges for mobile workers

Although attractive on paper for employees on the move, it’s hard to find an establishment with the right budget without compromising employee comfort and well-being.

Dynamic pricing and high costs

Dynamic pricing represents one of the main barriers for companies and their employees seeking temporary accommodation. This strategy, adopted by many hoteliers, leads to prices being adjusted according to demand, resulting in very high costs during busy periods such as Fashion Week or the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Rates can thus reach record highs, making availability or even long-term financial planning impossible for businesses.

This price volatility is all the more problematic as the services included, such as daily cleaning in a hotel, do not always meet the needs of extended-stay occupants. These services, while practical for short stays, become an unnecessary financial burden for those seeking a more autonomous and economical formula. What’s more, the limitations of online booking platforms, which often don’t allow stays of more than 30 days, add a further barrier to access to these accommodations.

Infrastructure not conducive to interaction

Aside from cost, one of the often overlooked aspects of traditional aparthotels is their design, which is generally not conducive to social interaction between residents. Unlike spaces designed to promote well-being and social integration, such as coworking spaces or residents with high-quality facilities, aparthotels don’t allow long-term residents, mixed with those staying for a few days, to forge a social bond essential to their well-being and integration into the city.

Finestate: Innovative apartment hotel solutions in Paris :  Issy-les-Moulineaux and Paris 8ème

In the landscape of temporary accommodation in Paris, choosing the right residence for an extended stay means finding the perfect balance between comfort, convenience and cost. Finestate, with its residences in Issy-les-Moulineaux and Paris’s 8th arrondissement, is emerging as a preferred solution for professionals looking for temporary accommodation in the capital.

Why choose Finestate for corporate housing in Paris?

Finestate stands out for the simplicity and flexibility of its booking, offering an unrivalled experience for mobile employees and executives looking for a stay in Paris without the usual hassle. Booking a studio is intuitive and can be adjusted according to the specific needs of duration and services, perfectly meeting the requirements of companies and their employees.

Finestate’s locations are always close to public transport, right in the heart of the city’s main business areas, such as the Quartier Central des Affaires (QCA) and the dynamic Pont d’Issy district. This proximity to the nerve centers of the Parisian economy enables professionals to maximize their efficiency, reducing commuting times and increasing their productivity and well-being.

Your apartment hotel in Paris / Issy-les-Moulineaux (near Porte de Versailles)

The residence in Issy-les-Moulineaux offers a modern, serene living environment, ideal for those seeking tranquility while remaining connected to the center of Paris. Find out more about our residence by clicking here.

Your apartment hotel in Paris 8 (Champs-Elysées)

In the prestigious 8th arrondissement, Finestate offers a residence that combines elegance and functionality. It offers easy access to many of the world’s most beautiful avenues, as well as proximity to numerous corporate headquarters, luxury boutiques and gourmet restaurants. For more information, click here.